Battle: LA (Final) Poster & Movie Stills


IGN posts the final BATTLE: LA movie poster. It is nice. As well grabbed a few movie stills featuring basically destruction of mankind (or rather, the city of Los Angeles), as well a sewer-snap, of a bunch of soldiers waddling in shitwater towards some action, more likely eventually discovering the alien hive. "Why" the Marines would ever do such a silly thing, perhaps is what the film is about.


Funnily and admittedly, as I was prepping images for this particular post, I had actually looked forward to see how the general masses get slaughtered by the aliens ~ not because I deplore humanity, no! ~ but because you know for a fact that they are nameless in the movie, and are simply there to be ray-gunned and disintegrated! Muahahahaha ! Hey, tis an alien invasion and genocide, innit?