Film Review: Up In The Air

I am not a huge fan of movies who tells a "moral story", with most times said "morals" cling on like a parasite at the backbone of a film, and are inevitably rammed down your throats. But there are of course splendid movies who managed to dupelull you along for a ride and next thing you know = BAM! "Moral" handed up to you, but thankfully not in your face, but enough to get that arrowpin in your inner moral compass a frantic twirl, and you still come out smiling at the end…

UP IN THE AIR is one such movie.

A 2009 film starring George Clooney, who I'd decided not to pursue a watch initially, based on the amount of talking seen in the trailer(s). As clear as Clooney narrates script, this seemed white a "talkieyakkityyak" and i have become - thru the years of being wore down by talkies - not a huge fan of narration, but that's just me.

Ironically, I gravitated to this film via my minute-crush on Anna Kendrick, from the excellent "Pitch Perfect" movie, and found myself thoroughly enjoying this film. It's like a tale with a moral, but the tale or man's journey here is as important, IMHO.

And while I had enjoyed director Jason Reitman's "Thank You For Smoking", it hardly clung unto my memory until after youtubing the trailers (and yet forgetting generally what it was but for the sentimental visages of "liking it" at the back of memorable-impressions). And guiltily, I have not watched JUNO as well, which I am not googling for peeks online (*cough*).

The devices used in telling the story reminded me of Guy Ritchie in the beginning (anyone watched "Snatch" might understand) and varied other pedestrian media offerings, but perhaps that is just technical nitpicking, for they serve to facilitate the story, and that - most times oblivious to audiences - makes for "successful" storytelling, without the need for "shock-n-wow" visual tactics, and I commend that happenstance.

Tight script, splendid dialog, and from watching the deleted scenes of the DVD, would have been quite a tad over-wrought of a drama if those scenes were in the final edit, so kudos for polishing the film in that regards.

Let me put it this way, my "filmcrush" on Kendrick was put on hold as the story progressed, and that's pretty awesome of the film, IMHO.

That said, you are highly encouraged to rent this baby for a swell watch, if you are a fan of talkies and good story-telling, and even an admirer of "loneliness". Watch it once and you'd be enriched. Not sure how happy you'll remain if you watch it more than that one time tho lol