Trailer Teaser & Poster for "BIG HERO 6"

Before the full trailer is released this Thursday, check out the "trailer teaser" posted above, as well as the addition of a new poster, to add to the previously revealed stills. Am beginning to like what I see thus far … would be interesting to see if MARVEL does a comic adaptation of this in turn haha

BIG HERO 6 premieres November 7th in the US, with no date for Singapore listed as yet (on IMDb).

"Five years after buying Marvel for $4 billion, Walt Disney Pictures will bring the comic book title Big Hero 6 to the screen on Nov. 7 in a full-length animated feature...

The difference between this super team and its live-action brethren? While the live-action Marvel films have always stayed true to the comic-book universe, Big Hero 6 was free to color outside the lines. “I wouldn’t call the movie ‘based on’; it’s more ‘inspired by,’” says director Don Hall (2011’s Winnie the Pooh) of the film’s connection to the original comic book by Steven T. Seagle and Duncan Rouleau."
-reported Matt McDaniel for Yahoo!Movies (Source).
(bywayof SlashFilm)