Film Review: X-Men Days Of Future Past

Perhaps I did not enjoy the movie on the silver screen in a darkened cinema hall. Perhaps I missed out on the shiny flashy images seen way too often in the trailers and spots online. But in reality, the "story" turned out to be something as important to me, other than spiffy visuals, and in that regard, "X-Men: Days of Future Past", was a surprising disappointment.

Everything felt like X1 and X2. The pacing, the atmosphere, even the somewhat dullard display of powers, although heightened somewhat with Magneto lifting up the stadium. Frustratingly felt like "fan-service", but without the "service".

Saying it "sucked" would be wholly overly-dramatic, I suppose, although frankly I find it hard to name any particular exceptionally "positive" thing about it, besides Quicksilver - who brought a whiff of fresh air to the proceedings, which was over way too soon. Everything was a re-thread and continuity laden, it felt like a soap opera bathed in the twilight of a dying sun … The "Future" X-Men were too bleak to make a memorable mark, while the 70's-stylings were so distinct an identity, it swallowed the story whole.

In comparison, "First Class" had a bit more panache and verve, while the over-population of mutants i this incarnation reminded me too much of X3 - which frankly left quite an uncomfortable taste of "too many mutants too many obligatory showcase of individual powers" for all … which made it obvious "Danger Room" sessions were few and far in between. Or maybe there were, and they were mostly one-on-one sessions.

I really struggled with writing this "review", and perhaps I may well be trying too hard to scrape thru and present something worthy to read, just as the film had done to try and wow folks in the cinema seats, IMHO.

And I have absolutely no desire to watch this film again, in any form or format.

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