Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Trailer, Screengrabs & Poster

Woke up this Thursday morning, pretty early too, as I had an early night. Sat down to have a log conversation with mum too, which lasted a good 3 hours, to which I then logged online, and discovered the fury that which was the release of the AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, apparently 6 days before it's intended scheduled date! The thing is, on regular days, the very FIRST thing I would do in the morning, is log on to see what has happened while I slept (timezones be darned) ... meanwhile, I'll go watch it for the 5th time ~ kthnxbye!


Got Ultron:

Got "Hulkbuster":

Pondering Questions * Impressions of the Teaser:

Is there a need for a shirtless Thor?

No it is not a "Terminator" homage … is it?

She screams a lot wide mouth doesn't she?


"She's my sister, let her scream…"

This film has "feels"

Is there a need for a shirtless Bruce Banner?

Silence is a virtue … Last time we saw them altogether, they were eating shwarma…

(Screengrabs by SuperHeroHype / mirrored HERE on my Popcorn-X FB album