Jonathan Bergeron Paints "Delicatessen"

An "underpainting" by Jonathan Bergeron AKA "Johnny Crap" ( of actor "Dominique Pinon" as seen in my ultimate fav French film ; "Delicatessen"! I can rave on about this 1991 film for ages (but perhaps another post is warranted :p) … meanwhile, I cannot wait to see how this oil on wood piece turns out … and quite frankly, this is just about "right" for my tastes and delight :)

And if the reference flies pass your heads, then you are truly missing out on a fine slice of celluloid, IMHO, and you need to track down the film to experience it! Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre has since gone unto "The City of Lost Children", "Amélie", and yes even "Alien: Resurrection" :)