A Design Film Festival Singapore 2016 (Sept 3-11)

MESSAGE FROM THE ORGANISERS: "A Design Film Festival with no branding and no theme is a quiet irony. The creative impulse naturally tends towards abundance and grand designs in its full expression, and chaos and surfeit in its most unskilled. To be quiet is to rein in such impulse, and to watch and listen. Cinema is a creative act that watches and listens for meaning and beauty that move the spirit. That is what is sought—the masterstroke, the empty vessel that contains the fullest potential. Having no theme and no design is not nihilistic; it is rather to clarify, to let go of the extraneous, to come to the essential and the essence, the silence and emptiness from which creation can be born." (Facebook Events)

A Design Film Festival (DFF) returns to Singapore from September 3rd to September 11th, 2016, showing at Capitol Theatre and Shaw Theatres Lido. Essentially weekend showings (3 & 4th, 10 & 11th) and that sole Friday Sept 9th.

In the world of TOYSREVIL, this would be a swell compendium to STGCC2016 (Sept 10-11, 2016), but alas my body is weak, while my mind is suitably excited and spirited :p

Tickets are available via www.designfilmfestival.com, with each entry priced at SG$15.00. And these are the films being shown, trailers shown below;

Crazy about Tiffany’s
In Pursuit of Silence
Jheronimus Bosch
Original Copy
The First Monday in May
The Happy Film
We are X
Yohji Yamamoto | Dressmaker

T: +65 6440 7330
E: info@designfilmfestival.com
W: www.designfilmfestival.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/designfilmfestival
Twitter: twitter.com/adesignfilmfest
Instagram: www.instagram.com/madebyanonymous