What Was Thor Up To During Captain America: Civil War

Remember that “Thor x Hulk” parody video Marvel screened at San Diego Comic Con 2016 (July 20-24), that folks talked about on the www but had no footage to show (except for THAT ONE pic of the “Purple Man” who is always sitting)?

Here’s that video clip.

I should be laughing alongside the fanboys and fangirls on the www, I know, but this is really cringe-worthy, mate! A cheeky wank-in-your-face, and peeps laud them for this? HAHAHAHA - And probably why MARVEL trumps DC Comics in the "Self-Deprecation Humour" (which I now term "S.D.H.") and wins the accolades of the (Western) masses, I reckon!

In promotion of the upcoming Digital launch of “Captain America: Civil War”, ”See what Thor was up to during Captain America Civil War! Get this and other bonus on Digital HD 9/2.”