#WhoAreTheGuardians? ARSUS in #Zaschitniki

WHO-IS: "Arsus is a type of berserker or werebear, and has the ability to transform himself into a large bear, though he can control how much of his body is transformed and can transform partially if he wills it.

This transformation ability can allow him to seamlessly alter his size, bulk and musculature and transform himself into a burly humanoid, as well as use his transformations to physically augment himself.

He has multiple phases of transformation due to his ability to partially transform. His phases can make him physically a hybrid between bear and human, such as giving him the head, paws and bulk of a bear and the shape of a man."
DESCRIPTION CONTINUES: "He is armed with minigun in battle, which he carries on his back when fully transformed. He can also use his inhuman physicality to fight, especially when he is full bear form. With this, no normal person can physically overpower him and he is immune to their strength. Desperate, loyal and determined, he is known for his drive to "break the enemy into small pieces"." (Info Wiki / Poster via IMDb)

“ARSUS” THE WILDMAN is played by Anton Pampushniy (below-right). Folks online are going batsh*t over the WereBear with a gaitling gun, and rightly so! No doubt a standout of the group, he would make an awesome action figure too, methinks!

The film character’s “human design” (in the poster below-left) has him looking somewhat like American actor “Stephen Lang” (2009’s “Avatar”) tho, so someone should take note if there will (eventuallymaybe) be a Hollywood adaptation! :p

Zaschitniki-arsus concept art
Zaschitniki-arsus Concept Art
Zaschitniki-arsus concept art

(Concept Art via blog.adlo.es)