#WhoAreTheGuardians? A Closer Look at KHAN in #Zaschitniki

“KHAN” THE WINDMAN is played by Sanzhar Madiev. One of the earlier revealed action sequence for #Zaschitniki (before the current Full Official Trailer was released) featured the character “in action” (seen above), and as well this character satisfies the “kung fun expert” aspect of pop culture, along with fantastical super-SPEED, turns him into an instantly recognizable archetype, regardless of nationality or geographical context.

The array of images currently seen on the inter webs testifies to his popularity. The Xtreme kung-fu is was well appealing to folks who enjoy this genre, and as well provide a closer level of “realism” for this fantasy flick, IMHO.

Scroll down for more Images, including character profile, stills galore, and the initial concept art!

WHO-IS: "Masterfully skilled with all kinds of blades, as well as with many kinds of martial arts. Along with other blades, he is primarily armed with twin, crescent like blades, each of which resemble a scimitar, scythe or sickle and can be joined at the hilts to form a double bladed weapon.

The strong blades, with enough force, can slice through entire cars without going blunt or being damaged. He is also physically augmented, possessing a degree of superhuman strength that allows him to smash through brick walls with a single punch and send men flying through the air with his attacks, as well as superhuman mobility that gives him acrobatic and gymnastic capabilities and the ability to effortlessly dodge and evade attacks, even gunfire at point blank range."
DESCRIPTION CONTINUES: "He also possesses inhuman speed, enough that he almost appears to teleport. Using his speed requires him first to focus hard, achieving a meditative state that causes his eyes to turn completely white and allowing him to perceive faster than any human can. While in this state, he sees everything as being in slow motion while he himself moves at normal speed, or somewhat faster. Whenever he moves in this state, a black gaseous trail appears behind him to outline his movements. His strength and speed allows him to use his strong blades to slice a car and anyone in it in two." (Info Wiki / Poster via IMDb)

Concept Art (Some Pics via blog.adlo.es):


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