#WhoAreTheGuardians? A Closer Look at XENIA / KSENIYA in #Zaschitniki


“XENIA” THE WATERWOMAN is played by Alina Lanina (IG @alilanina), currently renamed as “Kseniya” (on IMDb, as of this post). Immediate visual comparisons to The Fantastic Four’s “Invisible Woman” is inevitable, even though her liquid elemental powers distinguishes her from the Marvel Comicbook character.

Interesting her initial concept design has her looking a highly sensual being, with overt cyborg accents on the body - which looks fashionably like body “tattoos” too, does’t it? Coupled with fight choreography, she might well be the breakout character ladies would “cosplay” in the near future? Or a harkback to the 70s’ “Ursula” in Christopher Reeves’ “Superman” … :p

XENIA Concept Art
WHO-IS: "Flexible and agile, to a superhuman degree. She has the ability to move on water as if it were solid ground, as well as to seamlessly floating through it as it if were air.

This gives her higher mobility in water compared to the fastest, or most maneuverable sea creature. She cannot feel temperature differences and can survive in an airless vacuum, which allows her to survive underwater without any negative effects.

She can also transform her body into a clear, transparent water like liquid and use it defensively or offensively. This ability allows her to become gelatinous and vicous, allowing her to flow like liquid, while being able to physical touch and interact at the same time." (Info Wiki / Poster via IMDb)

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