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Folks like to hate on SUICIDE SQUAD quite a bit, and I’ve read more hate and vile spewed (*over-exaggeration, perhaps) on it, than I have read/heard “positive things”. Pity.

As a person of the latter persuasion, I had actually enjoyed the film in it’s theatrical edition, and upon watching the “Extended Cut”, I heart this film MORE!

It might be just 12+minutes worth, but this version slightly edges towards “4” over my previous 3 x Popcorns (over 5), so deal with it :)

Characters are further fleshed out, be it “motivations”, or simple characterisations that show them beyond the simplistic cut-outs (which worked for me, I’m not looking for too layer or nuanced a performance about “evil-doers” lol), including the cliched “bro”-moment between Deadshot and Rick Flag (below), which left me cringing but smiling, I admit … and with the extras/deletes, the role of “Harley Quinn” has become a much more interesting character to be seen in her sequel solo film! … but, maybe that’s just me :)

#suicidesquad #harleyquinn

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Scroll down for video clips of some of the deleted scenes, in case you’d not want to rematch it again, on DVD/BLu-Ray or online sources (*cough*).

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