Everything Wrong With Jason Bourne In 17 Minutes Or Less

Admission: I watched BOURNE twice. First time via a dodgy filmed-in-cinema-cam - because I was SO excited for this movie (still no excuse, I concede), and the second time still online, but with a crisp resolution (iSuck, I know, right?) ... and both times it made not much of a difference enjoying the film itself ... in fact, I saw the wrinkles and tiredness more, and the "details" were not as cracked up to me.

This video basically says as much as I could offer in my humble review, which somehow seemed to have disappeared off my computer (along with other films') ... which is just as well, this video is a little bit "kinder" LOL

Hey, I bought EVERY Bourne films DVD before this, even the "Aaron Cross"-incarnation! But I will not be purchasing this in DVD or any other format, sorry #notsorry.