These Movie Posters for KONG: SKULL ISLAND Makes Me WANT To See The Film!


Above is the latest reveal of a Japanese movie poster, while featured below is a poster for IMAX (revealed late last week) for the upcoming KONG: SKULL ISLAND feature film (Tagged / premiering 10th March 2017 in the USA, 9th March in Singapore).

The IMAX version harks back to an “Apocalypse Now”-vibe, which is in sync with the film’s time period it revolved around (the ‘Vietnam War’), while the Japanese version looks like it’s kitsch monster horror genre filled to the brim with “kaijus” (forget the humans!) … and both makes like the film is a MUST SEE - and THAT’s what makes a movie poster successful! (NOT that these weren’t, tho :p).

Source: @VogtRoberts


Interestingly, both harks back to an earlier “time” where “monster films” were just that, ‘films about monsters’ - along with kitschy special FX, screams, excitement and guilt-free enjoyment, pretty different from the complex products that grace our silver screens these days … nothing “good” or “bad” about it (not necessarily worth going on at length about here, anyways :p), but just a marked “evolution” in filmmaking and film presentation, I guess :)