Incredibles 2 Collectible Toys: Elastigirl on Elasticycle from Funko & Jack-Jack from AVMV

And while I've yet to watch THE INCREDIBLES 2 on the big screen, this particular toy announcement might have somewhat spoilt a "surprise" from the animated film by Disney/Pixar - not necessarily "earth-shattering-Spoiler", but ... then again, it WAS shown in the above featured faux "Elastigirl Vintage Toy Commercial", so am I just "over-reacting" here?... :p

FUNKO PRESS: "Every superhero mom needs a superhero ride, and Elastigirl AKA Helen Parr AKA Mrs. Incredible is no exception. While Bob’s home with the kids, Elastigirl hits the road to save the world. Add the Pop! Rides Elastigirl and Elasticycle to your collection and villains and ne’er do wells will tremble in fear."

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura has gone and made some (non-licensed) JACK-JACK figurines "for fun" (*gasp*). Amanda mentioned on her Instagram: "Michelle and I made this dude @eli.fucile some figures for fun. He's the voice of Jack Jack. His dad Tony Fucile and Teddy Newton designed the characters. Knowing the fam, it's pretty nuts how much of em are in the characters."

No mention of "public availability" tho ... So Stay Sharp if you are interested!