Alfred Hitchcock as Pop!Vinyl from Funko for October 2018 Release

Funko to release famed director Alfred Hitchcock as a Pop!Vinyl, scheduled for October 108 release (Purchase on Amazon for US$10.99). Figure comes complete with his clapper-board (with "Psycho" listed on it), with alas none of Hitchcock's belly :p

FUNKO PRESS: "Pop! Directors: The Master of Suspense directed 53 films, won too many awards to mention and cemented his place as one of the most influential filmmakers in the world. And now Alfred Hitchcock is available as a Pop! vinyl figure holding a movie clapboard for Psycho, arguably his best-known film."

Funko has been releasing non-fictional modern film directors recently - including James Wan and Taika Waititi at the recent San Diego Comic Con, and previously James Gunn, Paul Feig and Guillermo Del Toro. Mr Hitchcock is the first "classic" figure to be immortalised unto Pop!, and aptly in a black&white colorway. Would be interesting to see who else gets the toy treatment (either dead or alive) ... Anyone on particular YOU'D want to see?