What If Godzilla & Kaiju Were "Human"? A #GodzillaKOTM-Makeover by Kat Hudson

I'd come across these illustrations as I was prepping for my GODZILLA <3 MOTHRA-post, and felt they NEEDED their very own dedicated post! Imagine the Titans/Kaiju in Godzilla: King of the Monsters manifested in "human" form, and thanks to the genius of Kat Hudson (Character Designer at Warner Bros Animation for Lauren Faust’s DC Superhero Girls), we get to see GODZILLA the rebel bad boy, with the gorgeous MOTHRA by his side, flanked by RODAN the fire demon-dude, and GHIDORAH is a triplet of 2 boys and the alpha-Girl! I smell a hyper-Urban "Grease" special here...!

And the other Titans get a human-makeover too! Now THIS is something I'd love to see beyond these concept drawings, even if it is a short animated project!

Check out MORE of her art via @kathudsonart on Instagram and @katillustration on Twitter